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      Do you have a warning light illuminated on your dashboard but not want to pay hundreds to find out what is wrong? This Vgate Pro code reader can help you accurately diagnose check engine light problem. The Vgate Pro work with the app to read generic and manufacturer-specific fault codes. With our OBD II app partner OBD AUTO DOCTOR APP,Vgate Pro reads over 18000 code definitions.
      The majority of cars made in the past 2 decades are fitted with an OBD2 diagnostic port, simply find the port and plug the Vgate Pro in.
      Easy to install in your car OBD2 port. High reliable Bluetooth connection.Super low power consumption low to 3ma(standby current). Even if you forget to pull it out a night, it will not run out of battery.
      If you are dissatisfied with the quality of our products, we will exchange in a free one. If you are not satisfied, then you can return a full refund 100%!
      The Vgate Pro WiFi works with most OBD apps(OBD AUTO DOCTOR). Please find download instruction in product description. Varoius 3rd party app available on App store and Google play with price normally from 0$ to 9.99$ or higher depending on your needs. Contact Vgate for recommended apps.


    Vgate OBDII Pro Wi-Fi read and delete faults from most cars made within the last 20 years.
    Fully compatible with all OBD2 protocols and commands.
    Compatible with OBD2 / EOBD compliant cars and light trucks ( Petrol car after 2001 and diesel car after 2003/2004 in Europe. DON'T compatible with 24V truck tractors etc).
    If you have any question about car OBD2 compatibility ,Please contact us before purchase. We will help you to check it.

    Vgate Pro is newly designed with two new functionalites.
    1) Auto sleep funtion. Supper low power consumption (standby current low to 3mA ) so you can just fit in to OBD port for year. It won't drain off your battery power
    2) Auto wake up funtion. Vgate Pro active automaticlly when power on your car. Just open your favorite app(OBD Auto Doctor) and get connected.
    ★Works with iOS app:
    OBD Auto Doctor . Dashcommand . OBD Fusion .

    ★Works with Android app:
    OBD Auto Doctor . Torque . Dashcommand . OBD Fusion . OBD Car Doctor . ect.
    (NOTE: Fee might applied)

    1- Vgate OBDII Pro WiFi Device
    1- Instructions

    When using Vgate Pro Wi-Fi with an excellent OBD2 app. There are still more fun for discover!

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