• Product information

     『Low power consumption』 After stopping work for 30 minutes, it will enter into Auto-Sleep Mode so that doesn’t waste any battery power and reduce to 10 mA.

     『Quality guarantee』 Pass the certification of FCC/CE/RoHS. Equipped with the high-quality and reliable ARM chip, Vgate scan tool can display real-time data quickly and can read generic and manufacturer-specific trouble codes and its database includes over 3000 code definitions.

     『Cars & Protocols compatibility』 Support all OBD2 protocols. Support the following cars: BMW, Audi, Chevrolet, Volvo, VW, Toyota, Porsche, etc. Contact us for more cars compatibility.

     『Support many popular apps』 OBD Auto Doctor (for iOS), OBD Auto Doctor, OBD Fusion, Torque Lite (FREE for Android) and more app waiting for you to discover.

     『Manufacturer commitment』 2 years! 30-day refund, 12-month hassle-free replacement and easy to reach, friendly customer support.


    Vgate OBD2 iCar2 Bluetooth Scanner Tool is a professional code scanner designed for your cars.
    Updated function gives you more benefits.

    Set-and-forget installment and usage:
    1.Download the APP. Install Vgate iCar2 Bluetooth device and start the vehicle.
    2.Enable Bluetooth on your iOS/Android Phone
    3.Configure connectivity setting on APP
    4.Select as “IOS -Vlink”(IOS)/ ”Android-Vlink” (Android)
    5.Wait connection

    Why we need a OBD2 scanner?
    Answer: Through Vgate OBD2 car diagnostic tool, you can understand the real-time operating data you concern and clear the fault code your car have in time.
    You can deal with minor faults without resorting to service stations.
    With iCar check and diagnose your car’s health status is just a piece of cake.

    Note: This OBD2 scanner can support all 12 V Gasoline car, can’t support diesel car, 24V heavy duty cart, Hybrid or electric vehicles.
    Please turn off the vehicle when inserting or removing the scan tool due to safety.

    1 x Vgate iCar 2 with Bluetooth - Black
    1 x User Manual
    1 x Box