• Vgate

    The tool is short-circuit protected and as a safety measure to protect the tool from overload.

    Built-in Flashlight enables you to work in the dark. Flexible 20 feet extension cord allows reaching wires in or out of the vehicle or some congested places - One-year manufacturer warranty



    ●Display: TFT color display(160*128dpi)

    ●Operating temperature: 0 to 60℃(32 to 140℉)

    ●Storage temperature: -40 to 70℃(-40 to 185℉)

    ●External power: 12.0 or 24.0V power provided via vehicle battery


    Test applications:

    ●Voltage & Polarity Testing

    ●Continuity Testing

    ●Signal Circuit Testing

    ●Activating Components in Your Hand

    ●Testing Trailers Lights and Connections

    ●Activating Components in The Vehicle

    ●Activating Components w/Ground

    ●Checking for Bad Ground Contacts

    ●Following & Locating Short Circuits

    ●Red/Green Polarity LED


    Package included:

    ●User’s Manual

    ●Cigarette lighter adapter

    ●Battery hookup clips

    ●Probe tip

    ●20ft. Extension cable