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    This is the vLinker MC+ of the old shell. The product functions and upgrades are the same as the vLinker MC+ of the new shell. In order to clear the inventory, our company sells it at a special discount



    Vgate vLinker MC+ Bluetooth for Android, iOS and Windows


    About this item
      Vgate vLinker MC+ Bluetooth OBD-II adapter supports SW-CAN & MS-CAN protocols - can access these proprietary GM & Ford networks in addition to the 5 standard OBD-II protocols. 
      Upgraded version of Vgate iCar Pro Bluetooth OBD2 scanner, specifically for coding APP that requires large amount of data transmission. 
      Fully compatible with ELM's AT command set (ELM327, ELM329) and STN's ST command set. 
      Unlike other OBD2 adapters, Vgate vLinker MC+ Bluetooth OBD2 scanner won't drain your battery if you leave it plugged in. Operating Current is 24 mA, automatic sleep in idle state, sleep current is as low as 3mA. 
      This pocket-size Vgate vLinker MC+ Bluetooth OBD2 adapter won't obstruct driver legroom and features unparalleled performance, intelligent sleep mode, hacker-proof security, exceptional third party app support. 


    Wider Car Compatibility

      Vgate vLinker MC+ Bluetooth works with all 1996 and newer 12V petrol cars compatible with standard OBD2 protocols, and all 1996 and newer 12V small diesel vehicles with a load of 6.5T or less supporting the OBD2 protocols. Do not use on a 24V power diesel car.

      The vLinker MC+ Bluetooth proprietary connection algorithm enables MC to connect to more makes and models than any other scan tool. It also supports EOBD, JOBD, and all other international variants of OBD-II.



    Why should we choose Vgate vLinker MC+ Bluetooth?

      Vgate vLinker MC series is the upgraded version of Vgate iCar Pro, specifically for coding APP that requires large amount of data transmission.

      Supports SW-CAN & MS-CAN protocols - can access these proprietary GM & Ford networks in addition to the 5 standard OBD-II protocols.

      Vgate vLinker MC+ Bluetooth 0BD2 turns your iOS, Android or Windows mobile device, tablet, laptop, or PC into a sophisticated diagnostics tool and performance monitor.

      OBD request byte up to 1024 bytes, can meet the needs of some special long frame communication.

     USART data buffer up to 2K bytes, baud rate increased to 500Kbps. Even faster, more reliable, and more feature-rich than its predecessors.

      Fully compatible with ELM's AT command set (ELM327, ELM329) and STN's ST command set.

      Read & clear check engine light - Check diagnostic codes yourself and make informed repair decisions.


    Vgate vLinker MC+ Bluetooth Operation Steps - Reference for Android users


    Android & iOS Device - For detailed steps, please refer to the instruction manual carefully to avoid operating errors.

    # Android System Operation Steps ** - Vgate vLinker MC+

    1、Insert the product into the OBD interface of the car.

    2、Turn ignition to Key On Engine Off Position

    3、Turn on Bluetooth on the phone.

    4、After pressing the Black Button on the product, the device name can be found on the phone. (Important Operation)

    5、NOTE: Search for the device name "vLinker MC" or "vLinker MC-Android"and click Pair. (For Android system) Attention!! Do not pair "vLinker MC+" or "vLinker MC-IOS"

    6、Enter the pairing code: 1234 . If the pairing is successful, you can open the APP to set up the connection.


    # iOS System Operation Steps ** - Vgate vLinker MC+

    1、Plug the product into the OBD2 interface of the car.

    2、Turn ignition to Key On Engine Off Position

    3、Turn on Bluetooth on the iOS phone.

    4、No need to configure Bluetooth device name in the iOS phone. Just enable Bluetooth button on the iOS device and continue to the OBD app Setting.


    * NOTE: In the steps of APP operation, since different APPs have different setting and connection steps, please operate according to the relevant information on the APP's official website.


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