• Vgate 20-Stud AGM Battery Post Terminal Distribution Block to Connect 8AWG up to 4/0(XL) Gauge Wire for Tapered Top Post SAE/ DIN/ EN


    Unlike other common brands of castings, the battery terminal clamps are machined from 6061 aluminum. In addition to high precision, it also has high toughness and good corrosion resistance.



    1) To neatening up wire installation and clean up cluttered battery terminals;

    2) Coming in pairs (one positive, one negative) (+/-);

    3) Both positive and negative battery terminals have 20 studs, which are only suitable for the following cable lugs:




    Cable Lugs

    Size (mm)


    To Connect

     Eyelet (mm)

    To Crimp

    Wire (AWG)



    From 4 to 8

    From 8 to 1



    From 5 to 10

    From 8 to 1/0



    From 8 to 12

    From 8 to 4/0 (XL)



    Application for Following Batteries:

    ★ Battery Type: Lead Acid Battery (AGM, GEL, WET, MF and CA/CA);

    ★ Battery Post Type: SAE/ DIN/ EN (But JIS Pencil Post not Included);



    Tapered Post Type

    Tapered Post Bottom Size



    Pos. (mm)

    Neg. (mm)


    19.5 ± 0.4

    17.9 ± 0.4

    18.6 ± 2


    18 ± 2


    17 ± 2



    ★ Battery Brands:




     Battery Voltage: 48V, 36V, 24V, 12V, 6V;

    ★ Battery for: Car, Caravan, Motorhome, RV, Bus, Truck, Pickup, Houseboat, Motorcycle, Forklift, Crane, Solar Power Bank and more others.


    Package Includes

    1) 1 X Positive Terminal;

    2) 1 X Negative Terminal;

    3)Teeth Washer: 28 pcs



    1)It’s most important to put battery terminal to the end of battery post, or cannot tighten up;

    2)To lengthen handle of allen key, if cannot be tightened up as above, (as the terminal so strong to make safety insurance);

    3)To move up screw (8mm) and keep length enough to connect cable lugs;

    Note: Due to the limited thickness of the packaging box, there is no reserved installation space for the assembled 8mm screws, and the customer needs to unscrew the screws up a section to install the cold-pressed terminals of the wires