About Us

Vgatemall is a manufacturer of automotive application equipment and various automotive tools integrating R&D, production, sales and warehousing.

The company was established in 2006. It has grown from a dozen people to a company of several hundred people. The company consists of a product research and development department, a product production department, a sales department, a mold design and plastic production department, and a warehousing and logistics department. The product line is subdivided into OBDII adapters, automotive inspection scanners, automotive electronic testing tools, automotive maintenance tools, automotive electronic application products, etc. At present, the OBDII adapter series products developed by the company have cooperated with dozens of well-known APP companies in the world, and their functions can be compared with various professional testing products in the market. We have newly added product lines such as auto inspection tools, auto repair tools and in-vehicle electronic products. In order to serve each user in an all-round way, we strive to make each product a high-quality product.
In order to deliver the goods to users in time, we have set up a number of warehouses in North America, the European Union, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia and other regions, and have stored enough goods to avoid shortage of product inventory.
After years of operation, we have a number of overseas agents and loyal customers, who are located in Germany, the United Kingdom, Russia, Brazil, the United States, and Southeast Asia. They have grown and progressed with the Vgate company. Our aim is to do a good job of each product and let more users integrate into the big family of Vgate.

We have passed multiple industry qualification certification
and product quality certification, and always provide customers with
professional, standard and standardized products and services.