Battery Terminals(A6-HD)
★ Comes in pairs (one positive, one negative) (+/-)

★ Work with 00 (2/0) AWG welding cable, and also work with other various gauge

★Only works with tapered SAE post(top post)

★ The 6-fixed-hole works with all wires, which are less or up to 154 square millimeter (mm2) (14 mm)

★ 6061 aluminum machined parts,  high precision, high toughness and good corrosion resistance
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Product Details

Vgate 6x2/0 AWG Gauge AGM Lead Acid Battery Terminal Clamps Positive and Negative for SAE/ DIN/ EN Tapered Top Post

  ●Vgate battery terminals are machined from 6061 aluminum.

    In addition to high precision, it also has high toughness and good corrosion resistance.

  ●Comes in pairs (one positive, one negative) (+/-)

  ●The 6-hole holders exactly to hold 00 (2/0) AWG welding cable, and also can hold other gauge cables: 1/0 AWG, 2 AWG, 4 AWG, 6 AWG, 8 AWG and so on, but the size of holders are bigger than the mentioned gauges.


Fits Following Lead-Acid Batteries:

 1.Battery Type: Lead Acid Batteries (AGM, GEL, WET, MF and CA/CA)

 2.Tapered Post TypeSAE, DIN, EN (But JIS Pencil Post Not Included).

 3.Battery Voltage: 48V, 36V, 24V, 12V, 6V

 4.Battery for: Car, Caravan, Motorhome, RV, Bus, Truck, Pickup, Houseboat, Motorcycle, Forklift, Crane, Solar Power Bank and more others.

Please Note:

Hole Holder Size Clarification:

2/0 AWG wire diameter is 0.3648 inch (9.2659mm), the hole holder diameter is more than enough to hold 2/0 AWG wire.




Can Not Tighten the Terminal Firmly?


1.Please make sure to place the product at the bottom of the positive and negative poles of the battery.

2.If you can't tighten it at one time,you must first loosen or unscrew the hexagon socket screw,put the product to the bottom and tighten it again, so that it will not loosen.




Important Notice

1)Hole Holder Size Clarification:

    ●2/0 AWG wire diameter is 0.3648 inch (9.2659mm), the hole holder diameter is more than enough to hold 2/0 AWG wire.

2)Application for SAE/ EN/ DIN:

    ●It's very important to lengthen the handle of Allen key to long enough as the attached picture, because short handle allen key cannot work.

    ●Our Vgate terminal clamp is very strong to ensure safety.

    ●Note: This product does not include this wrench.


Package Includes:

 1 X Positive Battery Terminal Clamp

 1 X Negative Battery Terminal Clamp



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